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Android Facebook App revamped

Android Facebook App revamped

Critics complained about the lack of functionality included in the first version of the Facebook app for the Android platform, but an updated version offering significant enhancements has finally arrived.

In the original version it was only possible to view status updates and news feeds, but checking out a friend's profile required switching to the web browser. The new version allows for in-app profile access which provides a less compartmentalised experience.

The new application also allows users to check out their friends' photographs from within the app, something that the HTC Hero supported straight out of the box thanks to the Sense interface.

Observers have welcomed the improvements, but the lack of chat or instant messaging functionality suggests that there is still more work to be done.

The Facebook app for Android was released originally in September 2009 and the short period between updates suggests that more improvements and fixes will be applied fairly promptly.

iPhone owners are still privy to the most advanced Facebook functionality on their mobiles, although other manufacturers are constantly attempting to catch up to Apple as this recent development proves.

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