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Google Nexus One caught on camera

Google Nexus One caught on camera

A detailed video of the widely anticipated Google phone, or the Nexus One as it is currently called, has been posted online, with a direct comparison with the iPhone thrown in to make things even more interesting.

See the leaked Google Nexus one video here...

The five minute preview shows the Nexus One in action and sizes it up against other smartphones in order to give those in the know some points of comparison.

Despite its length the video does not divulge anything particularly new or exclusive that has not already been rumoured online over the last couple of weeks. It does, however, confirm that the Nexus One will use the standard Android interface, but will have several key augmentations to make it stand out from other phones using the same operating system.

As recently revealed, the Nexus One will sport five home screens, shown in the video and also boasts a flashier weather widget with advanced scrolling facets.

Disappointingly, the video confirmed rumours that the current version of the Google phone does not have multi-touch support and it also lacks Flash video playback capabilities at this time. However, there is still every likelihood that the finished article will get these features as other HTC Android smartphones, such as the Hero, feature them and they are vital to give the Nexus One a fighting chance against the iPhone.

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