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Google Phone confirmed and named

Google Phone confirmed and named

After months of rumours and speculation, the first Google phone, called the Nexus One, has been confirmed to be on the way by a leading US newspaper and is expected for release in the first half of 2010.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Nexus One will be sold as an independent, SIM-free smartphone that is not attached to any mobile network provider. It is also claimed that some Google employees have already been supplied with the upcoming smartphone.

Manufacturer HTC will be charged with producing the Nexus One and it is going to feature an exclusively overhauled version of the Android operating system.

Because of the lack of network support, the Nexus One will be unlocked and compatible with any SIM card when it is released.

The Android market share in Western Europe is likely to be bolstered following the release of the Google phone, gaining ground at the expense of its main rival the iPhone and of the established market leaders, Nokia.

Images of the Nexus one are courtesy of Corey O'Brien via Twitter.

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