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Google phone rumours gather pace

Google phone rumours gather pace

Gadget site Gizmodo has published further details about the rumoured Google mobile phone which have apparently been provided by a reliable source within the search giant.

The Google phone has allegedly come off the drawing board and manifested itself as a prototype model, complete with an enhanced version of the Android operating system.

The source has also revealed that other smartphones using Android were not actually getting the official, and presumably best, version of Google's operating system.

This would mean that Google's own-brand phone would be able to out-shine the likes of the HTC Hero in the software department.

Speculation suggests that the Google phone would make use of advancements based on lessons learned from the other Android smartphones in order to provide improved functionality.

The source has also asserted that the Google phone will sport a large screen, allowing it to compete with the likes of the Nokia N900 and the HTC HD2 in terms of raw pixels.

It is believed that Google is now focusing on producing many more prototypes to help with the development of the phone and commentators predict that we are at least six months away from any official peeks at the handset.

Google's first phone may well be marketed and released in order to coincide with the yearly iPhone upgrades, so each summer could become an exciting time for mobile phone fans.

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