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Google Phone speculation intensifies

Google Phone speculation intensifies

New reports suggest that the Google Phone, revealed recently as the Nexus One, will possibly become available early next year in two different incarnations.

Reuters has quoted unverified sources as saying that the Nexus One will be sold as a SIM free phone by Google as well as becoming available from a partner network provider.

January 5th has also been revealed as the potential release date for the phone, with the first batch available direct from Google.

Network tie-ins may come later, but there are fears that Google will have trouble selling the Android mobile phone once it is made available as part of a pay monthly contract.

The source told Reuters that the iPhone had made it possible for networks to share revenue with manufacturers, which has significantly changed the way in which the mobile industry operates. Google hopes that the Nexus One will be able to revolutionise the market as well.

Pictures of what is claimed to be the Google phone have emerged, although it looks almost identical to the HTC Bravo. Since HTC has been contracted to make the Google phone, some believe that they will simply be re-branding the Bravo and entering into direct competition with it.

US sources have already confirmed that the Google phone is compatible with networks in the UK and, although the technical specifications are not available in full, it is likely to come with GPS, BlueTooth and a microSD memory card port.

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