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  5. Google Voice to get mainstream Enterprise release

Google Voice to get mainstream Enterprise release

Google Voice to get mainstream Enterprise release

With over two million businesses and 20 million members of the public using Google's various applications and services every day, the full release of its all-in-one Google Voice calling solution could soon become another indispensable application for business users.

Google Voice, which allows the use of a single telephone number to contact someone via mobile, VoIP, landline via a clever redirecting system, is an Android-based application that has been in private beta testing for months. Once it is released it will make you contactable on your mobile number whether you are in the office, on the computer or away from your desk, which could prove to be an invaluable service for business users who need to be constantly contactable.

Consumers will have to wait until some point in the first half of 2010 for the official release of Google Voice, but reports suggest that business owners could get a special enterprise version, aimed at creating a virtual phone network, much sooner.

Google Voice could allow a small business to completely automate its phone systems, with anyone calling a fixed number automatically redirected to the correct mobile phone of the required member of staff. Since the Google brand is already respected and its various apps are used by millions of businesses around the world, the potential of Google Voice is considerable.

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