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Top 10 Android apps of 2009

Top 10 Android apps of 2009

10 Speed Forge 3D

Futuristic racing hasn’t felt, looked and played this good since Sheffield design maestros The Designers Republic went to work on Wipeout way back when. Speed Forge 3D is quite simply one of the best Android games yet. And it raises the graphics bar for all future titles.

speed forge

9 Pandora

In a nutshell, Pandora is an online radio station with a Last FM-style recommendation feature. And while it doesn’t bring anything new to the table, it’s brilliant at what it does.

pandora android

8 Twidroid Pro

The best Twitter app for phones on the Android platform bar none. It’s got a great user interface, there’s support for multiple accounts and you can post videos. What more do you want? Blood?

twidroid pro

7 Abduction

This bizarro time-waster tasks you with guiding cows up a series of platforms to a waiting UFO. We love quirky settings like that in games. And we love the quirky cartoon graphics and old-skool style teeth-gnashing difficulty level even more. This, all you modern-day gamers, is what a challenge looks like…

abduction android

6 Buka

Retina-scorching visuals and punchy sound effects combine with vertically scrolling shooting action for a unique and quite, quite excellent mobile gaming experience. Is there anything more satisfying than building up a massive light blast and nuking your enemies en masse? We very, very much doubt it.

buka android

5 AccuWeather

A smart, useful and neatly laid out app that offers hourly forecasts and a calendar showing future conditions. You can also set it to alert you when there’s severe weather on the way.

accuweather android


From travel website, this location finder harnesses your Android phone’s integrated GPS to help you find points of interest in unfamiliar locales.

nru android

3 Layar

Make like the Terminator with this augmented reality app that lets you point your lens at buildings and access a wealth of handy info. Brilliant for catching out ill-informed tour guides on historical walks.

layar android

2 Air Hockey

This touchscreen take on the end of the pier arcade favourite packs in all the aggression and bish-bash-bosh action you’d expect. And it’s cheap as chips, too.

air hockey android

1 Rockout Acoutic Pro

Officially the most popular paid-for music app at Android Market. Whether you’ll be as popular after ‘treating’ friends and family to over-earnest renditions of the Dylan canon is another matter. Especially if you ‘sing’ like the Holy Hobo himself.

rockout android

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