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UK next on Google Nexus One world tour?

UK next on Google Nexus One world tour?

After a week or two of furious speculation and excited Twittering, the Google Nexus One, which was recently revealed to be a re-branded HTC Bravo, could be set to hit UK stores before anywhere else.

After being handed out to employees stationed around Google's Californian headquarters, even more details about the phone emerged. It will sport a 3.7 inch touch screen which uses OLED technology for low power consumption and bright, vibrant images, as well as coming with Android 2.1 and a 1Ghz processor.

A recent blog post by a senior Google executive revealed that the Nexus One was the result of a mobile lab partnership between Google and HTC, combining the hardware with the Android software platform and making it available to employees around the world.

Commentators believe that the UK could well be the first region to get the Nexus One when it is finally on general release.

This is because HTC products have a history of being released in the UK market, with the recent HTC Hero debuting in the UK before anywhere else.

Some believe that the Nexus One will not retain its current title when the final version is released, but with the technical specifications already set in stone there is still an excited buzz surrounding the new smartphone.

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