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Android dual-boot for N900

Android dual-boot for N900

The capabilities of the Nokia N900 appear to be limitless, as new footage of the smartphone running Google's Android platform alongside its native Maemo 5 operating system has emerged.

See the video here

Since its release, the N900 has been received with growing respect amongst the mobile community, with its operating system surpassing expectations for user-friendliness and its hardware capable of turning its hand to seemingly anything that gets thrown at it.

With the open-source platform on board, people have begun to port games and software from a variety of origins, leading some to claim that the N900 is one of the most powerful smartphones on the market.

The fact that a hacker has been able to get Maemo and Android running on the same N900 is very impressive and a feat that no other mobile could perform.

The main issue is that relatively few N900 users would rather switch to Android given that Maemo is such a capable platform with which to work.

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