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Android mobiles held back from Chinese market

Android mobiles held back from Chinese market

Two Android-based smartphones from Samsung and Motorola are being held back from release on the Chinese market after Google has been unable to reconcile its differences with the Chinese government.

Motorola and Samsung have already manufactured a combined total of 30,000 of the handsets which were intended to become available on the network China Unicom in the near future.

However, after hackers raided the GMail accounts of human rights activists based in China last week, Google has decided to direct a variety of push-backs at the Chinese authorities, of which this is the most recent.

With in excess of 700 million mobile phone customers in China, it is an incredibly important market and one that Google and its manufacturing partners would want to take advantage of.

Motorola has spent a reported £300 on each of the phones it has produced for the Chinese market and while these are being held back from sale by Google it is going to be losing out.

At this point there is no evidence that either the Chinese government or Google is willing to back down.

A spokesperson for China's foreign ministry said: "Foreign firms in China should respect China's laws and regulations and respect China's public customs and traditions and assume the corresponding social responsibilities and, of course, Google is no exception."

Google seems content to let its actions do the talking, but whether it will be able to keep Android out of China for a prolonged period remains to be seen.

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