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  5. Android updates continue with 'Froyo'

Android updates continue with 'Froyo'

Android updates continue with 'Froyo'

With a track record in naming each subsequent version of Android after a sweet snack of some kind, Google has continued the tradition by announcing 'Froyo', the next update for Android. The name is formed from amalgamating the two words "frozen" and "yoghurt".

Google's Erick Tseng, who holds a senior position overseeing each new Android release, revealed the Froyo brand in a recent interview with Engadget, but declined to go further and expand upon the improvements that the update will actually include.

Froyo will follow on from Android 2.1, which was also known as Éclair, although how Google will choose to number this latest firmware upgrade is also unknown.

Android has also been affectionately referred to as Cupcake and Donut in two former iterations and Google looks as though it is going to continue through the snacky theme until it has covered every baked product and pudding known to man.

Froyo is expected to be released at some point in May this year.

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