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Android version of Firefox imminent

Android version of Firefox imminent

The mobile version of Mozilla's Firefox web browser could be appearing on the Android Market sooner than expected, with rumours suggesting that it will be made available to the public at some point in February.

A German website dedicated to Firefox has indicated that Firefox is definitely on the way next month, although it also says that it will only be the beta release, with the full version a little way off yet.

When Firefox does arrive, it will bring tabbed browsing and the ability to synchronise your mobile browser with your desktop PC with browser history and bookmarks duly matched across the platforms.

If the reports are true, then the time is definitely right for Firefox to make its first Android appearance, as Google's operating system looks set to take significant market share this year.

Android will be joining the N900 and a few select Windows Mobile smartphones when Firefox arrives and it could quickly become the most popular mobile browser around if it is launched in the near future.

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