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Apple founder praises Nexus One

Apple founder praises Nexus One

In an interview, one of the founding fathers of Apple has told of his new found passion for the Google Nexus One, which will no doubt confound iPhone fans.

Steve Wozniak told an NBC reporter that he had been one of the first people to buy the Nexus One after its launch. He also said that it was his favourite gadget at the moment.

This apparent treason is less severe when you consider that Mr Wozniak is the owner of not one but two iPhones. He said that part of his job was to keep up with the latest mobile phone releases and that his ownership of the Nexus One was just part of that.

Mr Wozniak would also not be drawn into a debate as to whether Google or Apple have the superior smartphone, saying that there was no point in entering any discussion.

The fact that he is in a position to try out all of the latest mobiles is obviously to his advantage, although he confirmed that his day-to-day phone remained an iPhone for the time being.

Mr Wozniak said that both the Nexus One and the Motorola Milestone were very impressive Android smartphones, but added that in his experience not every Android-based mobile was a hit.

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