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  5. Business-centred Google phone planned

Business-centred Google phone planned

Business-centred Google phone planned

Just days after the launch of the Google Nexus One, new details have emerged that suggest the next Google phone will compete directly with the BlackBerry smartphones by featuring a full QWERTY keypad.

Andy Rubin, who presided over the development of the Android platform in its earlier forms and helped integrate it into the Nexus One, hinted at the next step up the evolutionary ladder in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

The Nexus One was clearly created to take on the iPhone, with its large touchscreen display and user- friendly interface.

Expanding its line up of smartphones to include a mobile aimed at business users is certainly a sensible choice, but Google will once again be taking on a serious contender in the form of the BlackBerry, which is manufactured by Canadian firm Research in Motion.

Google is also allegedly planning to use its Android platform as the basis for other devices that it will sell online via its own shop.

This could include a netbook and more details are expected to come to light later in the year.

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