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Google answers critics of Nexus One

Google answers critics of Nexus One

News of the brand new Nexus One causing its owners problems emerged earlier this week, along with complaints that customers could only contact Google via email, but Google has faced the music and owned up to the existence of a few problems with its first smartphone.

Problems with network coverage and connectivity cropped up early in the Nexus One's life and some customers were a little confused as to with whom they should be speaking in the event of a fault. The email based customer service scheme was also criticised for the delayed replies it provided.

A spokesperson for Google said that the company was aware that minor chinks in the Nexus One's armour had been discovered, but that Google was working with customers and its retail partners to have these addressed as soon as possible.

How this system of improvements will be implemented and whether a software update is required, have not as yet been explained. UK customers can only wait for the British release on Vodafone to see whether the same problems will arise.

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