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Google Nexus One price revealed

Google Nexus One price revealed

After weeks of furious rumour-mongering, the release of Google's Nexus One is moving ever closer and new information suggests that the advanced Android smartphone will cost around £333 SIM-free.

This is based on tech site Gizmodo leaking the US price for the handset, procured from an online retailer, that shows it will cost $530 across the pond.

The £333 price tag is less than the cost of a SIM-free iPhone, but still represents a significant one-off investment in an untested platform for anyone looking to become an early adopter of the new Google mobile phone.

It has also been reported that it will be made available on a pay monthly contract in the US to T-Mobile customers, with the one-off cost of the phone dropping to £130.

A number of industry experts had anticipated that Google's first mobile would be shipped to users at a low price point and would subsequently drive the rest of the revenue required to support the phone and its services via advertising and various features of Android.

However, the news of the price puts paid to these assumptions, suggesting that the Nexus One will be sold and funded in exactly the same way as every other smartphone on the market.

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