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  5. HD2 sequel to ditch WinMo for Android

HD2 sequel to ditch WinMo for Android

HD2 sequel to ditch WinMo for Android

New rumours suggest that HTC is going to be creating an Android-based follow up to its Windows Mobile HD2 and the technical specifications are promising.

For the time being it is codenamed the HTC Supersonic and on paper and in some low resolution spy images it looks exciting.

It will have a 4.3 inch screen using OLED technology to keep the power consumption down and the overall package slim and it will have the same 1GHz Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm that powers the Nexus One, along with version 2.1 of Android to boot.

The kickstand update, which will become an optional extra for the HD2, will be included with every Supersonic. This should also mean that an upgraded battery will be included for hours more multimedia fun.

The rumours suggest that it will be exclusively available in the US because of its 4G network connectivity via WiMax, which has yet to become available to consumers in the UK, but observers have not ruled out the release of a stripped down version appearing here.

Official news of the HTC Supersonic and many other next generation smartphones is expected to emerge in February once the Mobile World Conference gets under way.

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