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  5. Inabrics H1 ups stakes for Android phones

Inabrics H1 ups stakes for Android phones

Inabrics H1 ups stakes for Android phones

Comparisons with the Nexus One are inevitable and it has a very similar 3.7 inch touch-sensitive screen which uses AMOLED technology to provide rich colours, low energy consumption and a high resolution.

The Inbrics H1 does, however, surpass the Nexus One when it comes to internal storage, with 16GB of onboard space and the option to expand this even further with a microSD memory card.

The H1 also has a full QWERTY keypad housed beneath the screen and many have been impressed with the fact that Inbrics has managed to keep the device nice and slim despite this feature. The current preview versions of the H1 which are doing the rounds are preloaded with Android 1.5.

However, the final retail version of the mobile phone will run on Android 2.0 to help it compete directly with the Nexus One.

The hardware specifications are rounded off by a 3.2 megapixel camera and an 800MHz Samsung processor, which lags behind the 1GHz powerhouse in the Nexus One. But then in the smartphone market it is not always about brute force, but the correct application of the available resources.

What has created much of the buzz surrounding the Inbrics H1 is the fact that even these early examples of the phone have been running Android flawlessly. It is common for bugs and hardware problems to plague prototypes, but the lack of issues with the H1 bodes well for its eventual release.

The Inbrics H1 is still very much in the development stage and no launch date has been announced, but it will hopefully happen sooner rather than later to make the most of Android's popularity.

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