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  5. More Nexus One release rumours circulate

More Nexus One release rumours circulate

More Nexus One release rumours circulate

Google announced that it will be holding a press conference at a location in California today at around 6pm UK time, which will be 10am local time and the result has been a feverish online guessing game which has caused some to suggest that the Nexus One will be launched at the gathering.

Google has remained quiet about the actual intentions of the meeting, saying nothing more than that it has something to do with their Android mobile operating system.

Despite the lack of any official information about the Nexus One, the online community has been flooded with rumours, speculation and one or two plausible morsels of information.

Most are certain that the Nexus One will be manufactured by Taiwanese firm HTC and will run an enhanced version of Android 2.1, but little else has been proven beyond reasonable doubt.

There is no doubt that the tech-loving world will remained glued to their mobile phones and laptops this evening when the meeting takes place and Twitter will almost certainly be set ablaze once it is concluded and we finally know the truth. Here's hoping that it is not just a wild goose chase.

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