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Multitouch hack for Nexus One

Multitouch hack for Nexus One

The hacker known only as Cyanogen released the necessary code to allow Nexus One owners to bring their new smartphones up to speed with Apple's iPhone last week, turning the 3.7 inch AMOLED screen into a multitouch sensitive monster.

The hack was made available last Wednesday, almost in tandem with Google's final launch of the Android 2.1 OS development kit that will allow third-party programmers to create unique apps for the Nexus One.

According to sources, Google was forced to remove multitouch functionality from the Nexus One because Apple owns patents covering its use in mobile devices.

Cyanogen has already been the source of other Nexus One hacks and since they can be applied directly onto the existing firmware, they are considered to be fundamentally simple hacks that do not interfere with the ROM.

However, Cyanogen has said in the past that he or she has plans to create a fully customised ROM release using the tools that Google has provided as part of the Android Open Source Project. Far more significant modification is thus anticipated in the near future.

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