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Nexus One dock announced

Nexus One dock announced

Reports suggest that Google is going to start including the desktop docking station accessory as part of the retail package for the Nexus One.

The dock will of course charge the smartphone and presumably include a way in which to connect your mobile to your PC as well.

When you slip the Nexus One into the cradle, the clock and calendar apps will be launched automatically, providing you with a handy source of information for weather updates and alarm notifications.

The dock also sports a standard headphone socket and Bluetooth. This will make it easy to integrate your Nexus One into a home hi-fi setup or to use it as a bedside alarm clock, keeping you on time as you charge it overnight.

Owners of the Nexus One can head over to the Google store and pick up the dock for around £28, although whether it will make it to the UK for its official launch remains to be seen.

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