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Nexus One gets premium Sat Nav app

Nexus One gets premium Sat Nav app

A fresh sat nav app, called CoPilot Live V8, has been modified to ensure compatibility with the Nexus One and is available for download now for the price of £25.99.

Nearly a quarter of a million people have already downloaded an earlier version of the CoPilot app since its launch in mid 2009, although for the time being its mapping only covers North America.

Turn by turn navigation on the Nexus One is already possible free of charge using Google Maps and Navigation, but for those looking for more advanced features the CoPilot app is an attractive option.

It also has live traffic updates and petrol price monitoring and makes use of the mobile internet connection of the Nexus One to keep the relevant information rolling in.

CoPilot offers users the opportunity to make their location known to colleagues, friends or family members either via app-to-app communication or through a social networking site.

You can download CoPilot Live V8 directly to the Nexus One from the Android Market, or visit its creator's website, although whether UK consumers will be able to get their hands on the app when the Nexus One surfaces over here is another matter.

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