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Stats show Android usage on the rise

Stats show Android usage on the rise

A new study by ChangeWave has found that over the last three months of 2009 Google's Android platform grew in terms of its user base and public profile, jumping from a mere six per cent up to 21 per cent.

In December last year, the firm carried out a survey and discovered that four per cent of the smartphone market was made up of Android-based mobiles.

It also discovered that many more respondents were considering an Android smartphone for their next mobile purchase.

Over 4000 consumers were involved in the study and the high profile of the Motorola Milestone in the US is helping to drive the growth of the Android platform. The Nexus One has also been able to stimulate interest in Google's mobile operating system.

Before September 2009 Android was wallowing in relative obscurity, sitting at the bottom of the smartphone platform pile.

Since then it has powered its way into second place behind Apple's iPhone operating system, which currently comprises 28 per cent of the smartphone market.

Aside from Google, the major beneficiaries of Android's growing popularity are manufacturers HTC and Motorola, which have been able to raise their profiles considerably. Indeed, Motorola has been helped out of a three year period of waning interest and falling sales as a result.

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