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Vodafone launching Nexus One at MWC

Vodafone launching Nexus One at MWC

After fighting to become the first UK network to secure Google's Nexus One Vodafone is likely to officially launch the phone during February's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

However, there have been suggestions that Vodafone might actually push the launch date further forward in order to maximise the impact of the Nexus One when it arrives.

With massive hype and publicity behind it, Google is looking to shift as many phones as it can from day one and a quick launch in Europe could make this happen.

Another factor that could encourage an earlier launch by Vodafone is the news that T-Mobile, which has already secured a deal to stock the Nexus One in the US, is in the process of creating a similar situation for its UK customers.

A spokesperson for T-Mobile said that it was confident that it would be able to announce its own launch of the Nexus One before the end of January.

To add even more incentive, mobile network 3 is also said to be negotiating a deal with Google.

This is all topped off by rumours that both Orange and O2, who are currently denying that they are interested in the Nexus One, will be looking to stock the smartphone in the future.

Regardless as to the networks that eventually sell the Nexus One, all potential customers will have to shop for the phone online as Google has insisted that it is not made available in shops.

As always this move has been performed in order to generate more money from online advertising, which proves that Google is always going to be clever with its marketing and distribution choices.

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