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  5. Apple CEO slams Google over Nexus One

Apple CEO slams Google over Nexus One

Apple CEO slams Google over Nexus One

The launch of the Nexus One was enough of an affront to Apple with its iPhone-rivaling technology, but it seems that Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs has taken the business battle to heart, having allegedly said that Google's sole motivation behind entering the mobile market was to 'kill the iPhone'.

After the iPad was met with less than glowing coverage when it launched last week, Mr Jobs reportedly aired his feelings about Google in the presence of many high- ranking Apple employees.

According to a witness, Mr Jobs said: "We did not enter the search business, they entered the phone business. Make no mistake they want to kill the iPhone. We won't let them."

While Apple and Google were sometimes partners as each took its place at the head of their respective markets, this new foray into the mobile device market by Google has clearly overstepped the mark if reports of Mr Jobs' outburst are to be believed.

On top of the Google-bashing, Mr Jobs reportedly took the opportunity to slam Adobe, perhaps in reaction to the criticism that has been levelled at Apple for not including Flash compatibility with the iPad.

Mr Jobs was apparently also heard to call Adobe 'lazy' and unwilling to cooperate on Apple's previous electronic products.

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