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Multitouch comes to Nexus One

Multitouch comes to Nexus One

The first software update for the Nexus One has been announced and those who have been with the Google phone from day one will be pleased to hear that, along with a few tweaks, multitouch support is finally becoming part of the package.

The Nexus One will now allow for the pinch zooming that had such a big impact when the iPhone introduced it, making web browsing far easier.

Multitouch functions will also extend across other apps and menus including the media gallery and Google Maps app.

Google Maps 3.4 is bundled with the software update, offering synchronisation between the mobile version and your desktop editions.

The mapping software will also use the ambient light sensor to detect when it is dark outside to allow for clearer viewing.

Google is planning to roll out the update over the next week or so, although you will have to keep an eye on your Nexus One if you own one to see whether you have been picked to have your update delivered.

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