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Android phones coming to China

Android phones coming to China

Mobile network China Unicom has announced that it will being offering its customers Android-based smartphones in the near future, effectively ending Google's embargo on the Chinese launch of Android.

Unicom had intended to release two Android smartphones back in January, but Google intervened and delayed the launch when it became embroiled in a debate over search censorship by the Chinese authorities.

Unicom's Chang Xiaobing said: "We are open to mobile phone operating systems and we recognise that Android is a mainstream system.

"We will definitely use Google's Android in our mobile handsets."

LG and Samsung had been involved in the postponement, although Chinese manufacturer Lenovo has claimed that its own Android-based smartphone will not be affected by Google's actions.

One significant factor in the announcement that Unicom will offer Android-based smartphones is the fact that it is also the only network which has a deal with Apple to sell the iPhone in China.

It is obviously in the interests of Google to allow its own operating system to compete directly with Apple in what could be the world's largest mobile market.

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