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  5. Android Market breaches 30,000 apps

Android Market breaches 30,000 apps

Android Market breaches 30,000 apps

The latest estimates suggest that Google's Android Market app store is now growing faster than ever, with the most generous figures suggesting that 30,000 apps are now part of the library.

Exact figures for the number of apps are unavailable at the moment, but an approximate figure was reached by a Google employee, who included free and paid-for apps in the calculations.

The Android Market's major rival is Apple's App Store for the iPhone and there is still a gap of more than 115,000 apps between the two.

However, a quarter of the App Store is made up of free apps, whilst the count on the Android Market is much higher.

Google is currently selling 60,000 smartphones with Android preinstalled each day through its various manufacturing partners and so the appetite for apps that are compatible with the platform is growing all the time.

The 10,000 app mark was passed back in September 2009 and 20,000 apps were online three months later. Google could be on track to keep up with Apple if this trend of expansion continues.

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