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  5. Android phone app developer racks up huge profits

Android phone app developer racks up huge profits

 Android phone app developer racks up huge profits

It looks as though there is money to be made from the Android Market after all, with the news that an independent app designer is claiming that his bite-sized program has been making him nearly £9000 each month.

The Car Locator app, which was designed by Edward Kim, started off as a free download and was then offered as a paid-for version costing Android users around £2.60 each.

Mr Kim used his blog to explain that over seventy thousand people downloaded the free edition and that roughly ten per cent of that figure bought the full app.

According to Mr Kim, after his app was listed under the featured items on the Android Market "sales have been phenomenal, netting an average of [£291 daily], with a one day record of [£517] on Valentine's Day".

Mr Kim also revealed that although he increased the price of his app, the sales figures did not tail off, suggesting that Android users are happy to pay for an app if they deem it to be useful.

Despite growing fears over pirate Android apps draining money from the developers, Mr Kim expressed an optimistic outlook for the future of the platform.

He stated: "I still think that Android is only a fraction of what it will eventually become. Each release of a new Android handset gets me excited, as it means a wider reach for the marketplace."

The bedroom developer was keen to highlight the fact that his is an exceptional case and that the Android Market is not a get-rich quick scheme, but a growing, evolving platform that has a bright future for those with talent.

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