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  5. Android phones get Google Maps update

Android phones get Google Maps update

Android phones get Google Maps update

Google has just overhauled the Android version of its Google Maps application, bringing it up to 4.1 and adding in a selection of natty new functions.

The user interface (UI) has been remodelled to make interacting with the maps far easier and the search page has had the tab system removed to provide more room onscreen.

By swiping to the left or right, users will be able to switch between results from a recent search, which means that entering a new term does not require any reloading.

The friend-locating Google Latitude has also been updated and there is now a dedicated widget that will show users precisely where their friends are.

Owners of mobiles that run Android 2.1 will be able to access the best new feature of them all: the Maps Live home screen background.

This will create an active wallpaper from the maps app, letting users see where they are at all times and ideally letting Latitude work its magic to highlight the location of nearby companions as well.

Anyone with Android 1.6 and upwards can download the Google Maps update from the Android Market right now.

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