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Android set Chinese market take-over?

Android set Chinese market take-over?

The conflict between Google and the Chinese authorities could be coming to an end after an official at the search firm said that Android could 'flourish' if given a chance in the Chinese mobile market.

Google's Patrick Pichette issued his optimistic projection in an interview that was broadcast online.

He said: "All the carriers, all the handset providers can actually use the Android platform, [and] China is obviously another great market in which Android should flourish so we look forward to that."

The row over search engine censorship has been running since January and at one point it looked as though Google was poised to make an exit from the Chinese market altogether.

In a recent article published by the Wall Street Journal, there were still questions surrounding Google's commitment to continued operation in China.

It was suggested that the firm could still make an exit in the near future if the disagreements were not settled.

Mr Pichette was not willing to make a comment about Google's future in China when he was interviewed earlier in the week.

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