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Google Nexus One delayed

Google Nexus One delayed

The Google Nexus One is now going to launch in the UK at some point in mid April, which means the HTC Legend will already be available from Vodafone, which is also launching Google's flagship mobile.

Google has apparently been pushed into delaying the launch as it struggles to set up the necessary customer service solutions to deal with questions and problems that will inevitably arise once the smartphone goes on sale.

The US launch of the Nexus One in January was accompanied by customer complaints, with many buyers finding it hard to get in touch with Google.

The search giant even had to set up hotlines, as its email-only response system was not winning it any fans.

Google had planned to sell the Nexus One with a network partner from early March, but that deadline has passed and now other Android-based smartphones from HTC will be available here before the Nexus One.

With a launch in mid-April, the Nexus One will arrive dangerously close to the Apple iPad and although the two will not overlap in terms of functionality, Apple's device is sure to overshadow Google's launch.

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