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Graphics boost for Android 2.0

Graphics boost for Android 2.0

Google has launched version 3.0 of its Android Native Developer Kit (NDK) this week, allowing third-party developers to unlock the full potential of Android phones' graphical capabilities.

Google has allowed developers to offer support for OpenGL ES, which will give Android-based smartphones the ability to offer similar visual quality in games as the iPhone.

Android developer David Turner said: "Applications targeting Android 2.0 or higher can now directly access OpenGL ES 2.0 features."

It is hoped that games already coded with OpenGL support can now be easily ported to Android without losing their looks.

The upcoming mobile version of the Firefox browser for Android is set to be facilitated by the new NDK.

Firefox programmer Vladimir Vukicevic told Cnet: "It's great to see that ES 2.0 is a core part of the Android 2.0 platform, so that we can rely on it always being present."

Android users who have version 2.0 or higher running on their smartphones will have to wait for developers to catch on and start making the most out of OpenGL.

Once they do, Android smartphones could begin to challenge the iPhone as the mobile gaming platform of choice.

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