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HTC dubs Nexus One a winner

HTC dubs Nexus One a winner

HTC's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Peter Chou has spoken in support of the Nexus One, which it produces for Google, saying that slow initial sales are irrelevant as the handset is already a success.

Mr Chou is of this opinion because he believes the Nexus One will actively draw in more business to his firm.

He said "[The] goal with the Nexus One was to really show how good Android can be. In that regard, I think it has been an achievement."

Mr Chou also spoke out in favour of the online retail strategy that Google had pursued with the Nexus One, claiming that in the face of minimal publicity the smartphone had performed extremely well in selling 135,000 units in the first quarter.

HTC's rise to mainstream attention commenced in 2008 when it produced the world's first Android-based smartphone, although Mr Chou was keen to emphasise that his firm is not completely reliant on Google for its business.

HTC used to deal in smartphones based on Windows Mobile and despite defecting to Android for the most part, Mr Chou revealed during an interview with Forbes that he was impressed with Windows Phone 7 Series, saying that it will be "very appealing and competitive" in the future.

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