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iPhone gets Google Buzz

iPhone gets Google Buzz

Google's new social networking hybrid service Buzz is getting unofficial support on the iPhone thanks to an app called Buzzie.

Buzz is already accessible via the iPhone's browser, but now the Buzzie app offers users a more convenient platform for full access to all of the key functions of the service.

The cut-price introductory period for buying the app is close to ending, so Apple mobile phone owners who want to pick it up for £1.19 will need to hurry. After that it will jump up to an as yet undisclosed figure.

Buzzie utilises the iPhone's GPS tracker to notify iPhone fans if any of their fellow Buzz users are nearby, allowing them to chat and share information or just meet up in real life, presumably.

So far, the app has received positive reviews, with testers noting that it is fairly user-friendly. But given that this is a paid-for app that connects to a free service, it really needs to offer more of an incentive to the customer to make the purchase.

It is highly likely that Google is working on its own app to allow Buzz access from the iPhone and from Android-based smartphones, but it could be waiting for its social media platform to become a little more established.

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