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  5. Male users flock to Android mobile phones

Male users flock to Android mobile phones

Male users flock to Android mobile phones

More men than women are using Android-based smartphones, according to new statistics charting the gender divide among the various mobile operating systems.

Although it might be reasonable to assume that a majority of smartphones are owned by gadget-hungry males, the report shows that the iPhone is, in fact, a hit with women as well.

Mobile ad company AdMob compiled the figures which deepen the debate as to which smartphone platform is the best; Android or the iPhone OS.

Close to 75 per cent of Android users are men, whilst 43 per cent of iPhone owners are women, confirming a gender balance on Apple's mobile.

Users of Palm's webOS are also split fairly equally, with men making up 58 per cent of its user base.

Observers believe that the advertising campaigns behind the two competing platforms are key to understanding the gender split.

Android has been pushed on several masculine fronts, in many cases directly criticising the iPhone's sales strategies, which may put off female viewers with its aggression and derisive tone.

Android-based smartphones are growing in number and as their availability and profile rises, so too will the gender balance be redressed.

However, this could take some time to happen, especially if the marketing continues to be targeted at males.

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