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Android Market hits 50,000 apps

 Android Market hits 50,000 apps

Although Apple's App Store is still significantly larger, the Google Android Market has flown past another milestone according to reports, with 50,000 apps lining its digital shelves.

An unofficial study predicts that this new figure has been attained only a few days after Google officially confirmed that the Android Market had more than 38,000 apps on board.

The unsanctioned figures published by AndroLib suggest that the explosion of the Android Market is accelerating and that official figures from Google do not accurately reflect the rate at which fresh software is being added.

Apple's App Store is fast approaching the 200,000 app mark and although Google could be offering a quarter of this total at the moment, it could easily offer the same number of apps to its users by the autumn if growth continues.

The main factor that could be helping the Android Market to balloon so quickly is the relatively free and open submission procedure that Google puts in place for new apps.

Conversely, Apple is known for its strict and slightly contentious terms in this area, with many thousands of apps getting rejected.

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