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  5. Google Nexus One gets in-car cradle

Google Nexus One gets in-car cradle

Google Nexus One gets in-car cradle

A new docking device to snugly cradle the Google Nexus One has been released to allow users to make hands-free calls and harness its capabilities as a sat-nav device.

The Nexus One Car Dock looks to be an officially sanctioned accessory, as it has gone on sale via Google's online retail outlet.

The dock uses a suction cup attachment and lets you mount the phone on your dashboard or windscreen.

Various Nexus One docks have appeared in the last few months, but this is the first to allow the smartphone to operate as a sat nav and calling device while users are behind the wheel.

Integrated speakers are incorporated in the dock for hands-free chat and it can also be used to adjust the volume of the calls.

Slotting the Nexus One into the dock will boot up the Car Home app, which provides drivers with various useful tools at the tips of their fingers.

Voice-activated searching is possible, letting motorists keep their hands firmly on the wheel while their vocal chords do all of the work.

To get the Nexus One Car Dock shipped to the UK will cost just under £56 and there could be import duty and other charges to accommodate.

Still if the Nexus One Car Dock is a success in the States there is no reason that a cheaper option should not arrive in the UK some time soon.

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