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Adobe staff get Android-based freebies

Adobe staff get Android-based freebies

Members of staff at Adobe could be getting a particularly early Christmas present in the form of a top-of-the line Android smartphone from Google, according to the latest reports.

Adobe has been in a very public fight with iPhone manufacturer Apple over the lack of Flash compatibility on its flagship smartphone. Now rival Google is getting further into bed with Adobe, complete with the promise of mobile phone giveaways.

Adobe has put an embargo on all things Apple, according to reports at Moby1, with the suggestion being that many will therefore gladly opt for an Android-based alternative.

Smartphones from HTC, as well as Google's own-brand Nexus One, are expected to be part of the giveaway, which will see the Android platform showing off a full version of Flash 10.1.

Passing on mobile phones to business partners to sweeten a deal or attract attention is commonplace in the industry, with US manufacturer Palm and others offering similar incentives in the past.

Given that there are over eight thousand Adobe employees, it is unlikely that Google will equip every single one with a brand new smartphone. However, observers admit that stranger things have happened.

Google is fairly generous with its giveaways, with Android developers visiting a conference this month possibly receiving a free Nexus One just for showing up.

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