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Android 2.2 faster than predecessor

Android 2.2 faster than predecessor

Google's revamped version 2.2 of its Android platform is allegedly up to four times faster than the previous version, reports suggest.

A Nexus One smartphone preloaded with Android 2.2 has been taken for a test drive by some professionals, complete with Flash 10.1 on board, ahead of the release of the updated platform later in May.

Using some benchmarking software the testers were able to record Android 2.2 achieving a processing score of 37.5 MFLOPS.

This may be meaningless to many, but it is clear that compared to the 6.5 MFLOPS achievable on the same mobile phone running Android 2.1, the latest update to the platform has resulted in much improved performance from the Nexus One.

Google will be announcing Android 2.2 at a conference next week, according to Android & Me, with journalists visiting Google's world headquarters in the US to see the platform at work.

Seeing Android 2.2 running on a Nexus One virtually confirms the rumours that Google's smartphone will be the first to benefit from the updated platform and it may be just days away from its official release.

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