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Android 2.2 images published

Android 2.2 images published

Pictures have emerged online showcasing the updated interface that will be sported by Android 2.2 when it is released in the near future.

See the update Android OS in action below

Software firm Adobe is the source of the snaps and it is unsurprising that it has been given permission to publish these shots of the yet to be released platform, because its relationship with Google is becoming ever closer.

The homescreen has clearly been the subject of significant work, with a few tweaked buttons and some slightly mysterious dots on the lower half, which some have suggested will be involved in scrolling between home screens.

Adobe is apparently using the pre-release beta version of Android 2.2, which suggests that testing is nearing its conclusion and the full edition should be available very soon.

Most industry watchers anticipate that the Google Nexus One will become the first Android-based smartphone to benefit from the upgrade.

Since this is Google's pet project and since the Nexus One had exclusive access to Android 2.1 before anyone else, Android 2.2 would find itself most welcome on the search giant's only smartphone.

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