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  5. Android alteration helps app users

Android alteration helps app users

Android alteration helps app users

The Android platform is undergoing some work at the hands of Google, with the result being that the Android-based smartphones of the future will be able to store apps in a more sensible manner.

At the moment Android apps are stored in the internal memory offered by any smartphone that is using them. This is a problem, since most smartphone manufacturers save money by giving users limited on board memory and encouraging them to purchase their own microSD card to expand the storage capacity.

Now it seems as though Google is going to rectify this issue by making sure that Android can install and store apps downloaded from the Android Market onto the SD memory card, giving users many gigabytes more space to play with.

Android fans will be hoping that this update, which is a frequent source of discussion amongst the community, can finally allow the Android Market and Android-based smartphones to compete directly with the iPhone's App Store platform.

Google has apologised for the delay to this functionality, although it has said that development is ongoing and it will hopefully be implemented by the time version 2.2 of Android is released.

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