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  5. Android phone sales hit 65,000 a day

Android phone sales hit 65,000 a day

Android phone sales hit 65,000 a day

Smartphones that feature the Android operating system are now selling at a rate of 65,000 a day worldwide, according to Google chief executive Eric Schmidt.

In total this means that each month there are about two million Android-based smartphones going home with consumers, which many believe is a sign that heralds in the age of Android dominance.

The open source nature of Android is believed by Mr Schmidt to be the driving force behind Android's growth and it looks as though this business model will continue to be key to Google's plans long into the future.

Last week it was suggested that Android had moved into the number two spot in terms of sales in the US, with the Apple iPhone slipping into third.

Apple was quick to contest the study from NPD Group, but it did not actually publish its own evidence to the contrary.

The first Android mobile to sport 4G network connectivity, the HTC Evo, is due to hit the US in the next month.

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