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Android phones get PDF reader

Android phones get PDF reader

The Android Market is now home to the Adobe Reader app, which will let buyers enjoy PDF documents using the most prolifically employed platform on the earth.

Only mobile phones running Android 2.1 support the app. Handsets also require a minimum processor speed of 550MHz, coupled with at least 256MB of RAM.

Adobe Reader features something called 'Reflow', which is essentially an intelligent automated tool that adapts the size of any PDF's text to make for the best possible viewing experience on a smartphone.

Users can also manipulate documents via multitouch standards such as pinch to zoom.

Anecdotal evidence indicates that for the moment the Google Nexus One and Motorola Milestone are the only two smartphones offering full support for the Adobe Reader app.

However, other sources suggest that manufacturer and model have nothing to do with it provided smartphones meet the minimum technical requirements.

The addition of an official Adobe Reader app on Android suggests that the bonds between Google and the software firm are getting even stronger, particularly in light of the fact that the next version of Android will benefit from complete integration of Adobe's Flash platform.

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