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  5. Android phones get Wii Controller app

Android phones get Wii Controller app

Android phones get Wii Controller app

Tech fans who own an Android-based smartphone and a Nintendo Wii can now combine the two and play games using the console's wireless controller, thanks to a smart new app.

See the Wii controller Android app in action below

A demo of the application surfaced last week and now a completed retail version is ready to download from the Android Market.

The Wii Remote uses a Bluetooth connection to provide wireless gaming thrills on Nintendo's popular home console and it is this same connection that allows it to interact with the app via the smartphone's own Bluetooth capabilities.

Ryan Frawley, the app's developer, has made sure that the Wii Remote's buttons are assigned to the correct keys as if players were using the Android smartphone's virtual touchscreen controls, or indeed the physical keypad controls for phones that feature such control schemes.

The Wii Controller IME app can cope with four Wii Remotes simultaneously, which means that multiplayer gaming should be possible.

The Wii Controller IME app will set buyers back a little under £3 from the Android Market.

Mr Frawley has promised to continue to support the app with updates and even new control methods, with the planned addition of compatibility with Nintendo's wireless Classic Controller.

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