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  5. Twitter app launched on Android 2.1

Twitter app launched on Android 2.1

Twitter app launched on Android 2.1

Fans of Twitter who have previously relied on third-party apps to offer support for the service on Android can now enjoy a fully sanctioned official app, provided they have version 2.1 of Android.

Twitter for Android is available as a free download for the Android Market, but anyone with Android 2.0 or below will not be able to access Twitter via the app.

Twitter has begun instilling itself officially on a number of smartphone platforms, sometimes taking over the existing third party apps that already did a good job of giving microbloggers access to tweeting functionality.

If you happen to own an HTC Desire or a Google Nexus One then you will be ready to fire up the Twitter app right now.

It adds in the ability to share images automatically via Twitter, as well as geotagging your tweets with your precise location if you want to share your whereabouts with mates.

In the open-source ethos of Android, it is unsurprising to learn that Google is going to allow other developers to look at the source code for the official Twitter app, so more cross-app integration of the service will be a future feature.

It could also mean that older Android versions will get support for the app.

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