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50 Android mobiles getting Swype

50 Android mobiles getting Swype

At least 50 touchscreen smartphones based on the Google Android platform will have speedy text input software Swype factory-installed and available as an option alongside its alternatives.

It has been confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S is going to be one of the first Android mobiles to use the Swype typing technique, which involves tracing fluidly across the letters in a word without removing your finger from the screen.

The Swype software is being heavily promoted by its creators, with a goal of 50 different handsets being targeted for the end of 2010, Swype's Mike McSherry has told the Reuters news agency.

Android smartphones have represented the most significant proportion of existing or planned Swype platforms, although the developer is confident that it will be able to get other manufacturers and mobile software designers on-board.

It is even said to be courting Apple and if it does get Swype onto the iPhone it will certainly have secured its place as a industry standard mobile typing solution.

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