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  5. Android and iOS battle in benchmark rankings

Android and iOS battle in benchmark rankings

Android and iOS battle in benchmark rankings

Android and iOS are both rated by devs but for very different reasons, a survey conducted by Appcelerator has found.

Over 2700 developers took part in the study to discern the strengths and weakness of smartphone platforms and although Android fared well in certain areas, it seems that the iPhone's OS is still preferred by many in the light of specific requirements.

Android won in the context of possessing the broadest capabilities and potential as an OS and it was also praised for its open-source design which allows developers a greater degree of freedom, which most believe is a good thing in the longer term.

Where Apple dominates is in the app market, which is of course the most significant concern for developers. The survey found that it offers the largest casual and professional app market and that it also allows developers to publicise their apps in the most effective way.

Interestingly, the developers voted the iPhone's OS as the most secure platform and all of these positive aspects suggest that Apple's OS remains a lucrative market for developers.

When Apple wins in these figures, it beats its competitors by a significant margin. However, Android's hold over its few categories is always slim, suggesting that the iPhone platform is established and trusted, while some are yet to be convinced as to Android's worthiness.

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