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  5. Android phones get SlingPlayer app

Android phones get SlingPlayer app

Android phones get SlingPlayer app

On-demand TV and live broadcasts via the SlingPlayer app are now available to Android phone owners.

All Android mobiles with either 3G or Wi-Fi connectivity can stream TV shows via the SlingPlayer app, although smartphone owners will need to have a Slingbox at home as part of their entertainment system in order to do so.

The app enables users to play back shows they have stored on Slingbox and allows them to search through the listings for some live TV action, which could prove particularly useful during the 2010 World Cup.

Sling Media claims that it has reduced the amount of time the app takes to boot up and synchronise with a set top box and has worked on the user interface to make it more intuitive and finger friendly.

A price tag of about £20 is currently being charged for the SlingPlayer app for Android, although Sling Media is bizarrely advertising it in the equivalent American Dollars price rather than giving each region its own currency-specific price point.

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