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Android phone interface update planned

Android phone interface update planned

The look and feel of the Android operating system could become more unified no matter which manufacturer you choose as Google is set to make the user interface (UI) better from the ground up.

Android Gingerbread, which is set to be the next major release, will see a shift in development focus over to the UI in order to make it more user-friendly, according to TechCrunch.

Observers believe that Google is trying to make Android more like the iOS offered by Apple, although since the Android platform is open source and used by multiple manufacturing firms rather than a single company, this could be more difficult that it at first sounds.

HTC makes some of the best Android smartphones on the market, but has arguably only achieved its success because of the addition of the customised Sense UI which sits over Android, masking its standard interface.

Other manufacturers including Samsung and Motorola have followed this path with equally impressive results.

Google will have to make the Android UI for the next version a hugely attractive environment in which to operate, otherwise all of its hard work will be masked by the third party skins installed by manufacturers.

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